Robert Bronwasser

Meet Robert Bronwasser, successful designer who was raised in a creative family and graduated cum laude as an industrial designer from TU Delft in 1992. Immediately after graduating, he founded his first design agency, and since then he has had his own studio, where he works with a diverse group of clients to design products that integrate seamlessly into our daily lives.

Robert Bronwasser has been running his independent design studio for over 30 years, guided by a clear vision and a distinctive signature. His diverse portfolio features successful products celebrated for their seamless fusion of form and function. His designs not only inspire admiration but also aim to bring a smile to your face.

Occony and Robert Bronwasser

Occony and Robert Bronwasser share a common passion: creating sustainable products with user experience at their core. Robert speaks about the collaboration, saying that Occony's products are distinguished not only by their use of sustainable materials but also by their modularity, reusability, and extended lifespan.

Quality is paramount, encompassing materials, finishing, and design.

The collaboration between Occony and Robert Bronwasser combines knowledge and experience, nurturing an exciting new workspace for future generations. The Living Workspace is designed as an inspiring landscape, representing the new-age office garden, infused with nature and enriched by human interaction.