Portrait of Lex Pott


Lex Pott

In the skillful hands of Rotterdam-based designer Lex Pott (1985) you will mostly find pieces of wood, stone and metal. The sturdy building blocks that underpin his raw and intuitive method of working. Returning to their origin no matter the purpose is what keeps him on his toes. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence. From pretzel-shaped soaps to marble side tables and the Occony Ray table.

Yes, Pott loves a good experiment and hands-on work. It hasn’t been any different since he left the Design Academy Eindhoven as a cum laude graduate in 2009. It marked the beginning of his dynamic and colorful career as product designer. Ever since, as his own brand and independent studio he worked together with different national and international brands such as HAY, &Tradition, The Future Perfect Gallery, HEMA, Bolsius, Gelderland, Vero International, BANNE, PUIK and Weltevree.

“Why Occony? In my opinion, they stand for quality and good use of materials. And I believe that as a company they are very future-proof which shows in the high level of craft, craftsmanship and local production. Resulting in a supply chain that is much shorter and of high quality, from initial design to final product.”

- Lex