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The shared vision on sustainability and care for the environment results in a renewed collaboration in which “sustainable innovation” and craftsmanship come together. Past year Arco & Occony reinfocred their gained knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability, materials and production methods that resulted in the renewed Kami table collection.
The Kami (Japanese for paper) is included in the collection by both parties and is produced locally in the Netherlands. The table collection consists of three variants; Occony: Kami variant made from waste paper and Niaga technology, finished with veneer. Arco: Kami variant solid wood or beech core board finished with veneer. The tables are produced in Oak, Ash or Walnut and can be stained in different colors and finished with a durable water-based lacquer or the standard lacquer for the contract market. The materials used are cradle2cradle, FSC or PEFC and STIP certified.
The wooden modular design table is designed to be configured with ease and to your wishes, with endless length options in different shapes. From a small intimate setting to a great eye-catcher in a meeting and boardroom environment. The Kami design table is available in a round or oval shape for both the top and the column(s). The modern table combines sustainable design and organic shapes into a timeless design for the living and working environment.
Designer Joost van der Vecht:
“The design brief for the Kami collection was to develop a table system with a repeating life cycle. My aim was therefore to build the table completely from recycled paper, including the base. For this I used the stiffness of a column. After all, a sheet of paper becomes strong when you roll it into a tube. The result is a design with a very clear image that everyone understands. Both the design of the table and its footprint have simultaneously become a “bold” and friendly statement. “
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